The Crossing
101 South Pruett St. Paragould, Arkansas 72450
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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a moment to explore our FAQ section below to learn more about our services and venue. For further questions, feel free to reach us at (501) 503-2012.

Where is the thermostat?

In the closet to the right of the Men's restroom. Look to your left on the wall when you walk in. Full temperature control, right at your fingertips.

Can I serve alcohol to my guests?

Yes, you can! However, alcohol sales of any kind are expressly banned on The Crossing property. This is further detailed in the rental contract. It's not all rules, though. Drinking responsibly is always encouraged.

Why do I have to leave by 10 p.m. on Saturdays?

Fellowship Bible Church meets every Sunday at 9:30. Therefore, after you leave Saturday evening, we come to set up everything for the service the following morning. We aren't night owls. Give us a break.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental fee?

Absolutely! All the seating you can dream of (until we run out of chairs)!

Do we have to do all the set-up?

Not at all. We happily do the initial set-up for you. However, if you want to do a room switch from ceremony to reception, we won't be available to help rearrange during your wedding.

What if I lose the keys?

There is a $100 fee for lost keys. And then someone will have to come let you in. You don't want that. We don't either. We believe in your key retention abilities!

Can I decorate?

Simple rules: no holes in the walls and no glitter. You can never get rid of that stuff. This is detailed more in the rental contract, as well.

Is there a place for the bride and groom to change?

Yes! Keep in mind, Fellowship Bible Church operates a KIDs program on Sundays. There are classrooms at that back of the building you are more than welcome to use for changing rooms. It works!

Are linens provided?

We currently do not offer any linens.

Okay, but are decorations provided?

We don't have decorations either. Besides, we trust your decorative style is much better than ours. Come in and wow us!

What CAN I use in the building?

We have two couches in the lobby that can be moved around and used. Just let us know! That super sweet buffet table on wheels can be used for food, drinks, etc., or to show off your pictures and gifts--whatever you choose! We have 4 tall tables available, as well. Ask your showing guide to point out all this good stuff.

When can I get the key?

Any time after 9 a.m. on the first day of your rental.

How do I keep the front door unlocked for my guests?

There is an allen wrench in the inner seal of the left door (when you are standing in the lobby). This has to be inserted into the push bar and turned to unlock the door. Don't worry. You'll become an expert at the Key Consult.

I'm sorry, the Key Consult?

This takes place on the first day of your rental. A special ceremony of handing the keys to your event kingdom. (Also, instructions, answered questions, and a signature giving you key responsibility).

Are there trash cans?

Yes. Trash bags, too. We think of everything.

Where do we take the full trash cans?

There are dumpsters in the back of the building. Please take all the trash to the dumpster before you leave. We suggest taking a buddy, too. It's a little creepy back there.

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